In Rwanda, abortion is permissible in five instances:
"When the pregnant person is a child, when pregnancy is a result of rape, when pregnancy is subject to after forced marriage, and When pregnancy is a result of incest up to the second degree of kinship, and when a pregnancy puts at risk the health of the pregnant person or of the foetus" (Official Gazette no.14 of 08/04/2019)


About Us

Our Team

We are a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds, including advocates, medical doctors, researchers, designers, who have come together to create AASAP (Accelerating Access to Safe Abortion Services Project).

We made the AASAP project uniquely to address barriers to services and accessibility to safe abortion in Rwanda. Due to the fact that many people, especially women and girls, the process of figuring out where and how to get legal safe abortion is confusing, complicated, and overwhelming.

Our goal is to ensure that individuals have easy access to the reproductive healthcare they need, including legal and safe abortion. We recognize that the process of finding and obtaining an abortion can be confusing and difficult for many, and thus creating AASAP Finder project to make it more straightforward is our inevitable solution.

Abortion Finder is run by Medical Doctors For Choice (MDFC) and Rwanda Women Doctors For Reproductive Justice (RWDFRJ)organizations of medical doctors who believe that sexual and reproductive health, rights and Justice matter. We believe that people have the right to choose confidently their appropriate way of controlling birth and medical doctors have a responsibility to follow their patients' lead and support them in receiving their option efficiently and safely. We legally and safely advocate, inform, and serve.

What we offer

AASAP is an easy-to-use digital search tool built on databases of hospitals and polyclinics that legally offer reproductive healthcare including safe abortion services across Rwanda. By entering your age, the first day of your last menstrual period, and your location, we direct you to a list of health facilities near you that offer safe abortion services, in line with the Rwandan legal framework.

We are dedicated to ensuring that anyone seeking assistance in locating abortion services can utilize our extensive, nationwide directory of facilities such as hospitals and polyclinics that provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare services.